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28 May 2006 @ 08:35 pm
The clips  
Last Night I finally got around to watching the two Night Stalker clips on MySpace THough the one on the main paige was creepy as all hell watching bits of it over time until it finished downloading dulled my shock of it bit (Bloody Wheelchair) but the one on the Videos page really got my blood pumping and heart racing no matter how many times I say it (Gun Battle) Man the music the MUSIC my god that was just awsome it just fit the scene perfectly. Those bikers..utterly unstoppable ( I cheated and read a spoiler and I know why they're unstappable man, it gave me the massive creeps.

Frank (Spotnitz) said something about it in "The Sea" (I think) which was the concluding part of "The Source" . Once you hear the commentary for that episode (I'm assuming) you'll understand all about why I got the jitters while watching that clip.

Can't wait for Tuesday to get here. I pre-ordered the DVD about a month ago and still May 30th can't get here fast enough
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